Solder Nipples

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Solder nipples in all versions Should a Bowden cable be easily replaced – for example, in the case of a bicycle brake –, the attachment to the components to be moved usually takes place via a screw or soldering nipple. The second variant has the advantage of high tensile strength, provided that it is expertly soldered. Get advice! Depending on the area of application, solder nipples are executed in various forms, which are of course fully represented in our shop. ARC Reuter GmbH is happy to provide you with matching fastening nipples. If You are not yet 100% sure which models are suitable for your purpose, contact us on +497423/87 52 573 – we would be happy to advise you! Note our solder nipple selection Since we also attach great importance to transparency in our shop, we have given the exact dimensions for each individual solder nipple. Currently we carry models in the following forms: Ball Trumpet Cylinder. A permanent solution Solder nipples cannot be easily removed from the Bowden cable inner. If the wire rope is to remain rotating after the nipple is fixed, we recommend trumpet or spherical versions. For most applications, however, barrel-shaped solder nipples are more than sufficient. You just have to pull the rope through the Nipple Nipples have the advantage of easy handling: The wire rope only has to be guided through the hole and then attached. However, be sure to ensure a high-quality fixation of the solder nipples, as the pulling forces have a particularly strong impact at this point!

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