Wage Service Pressing On One Side Of The Rope

Wage Service Pressing On One Side Of The Rope


We would be happy to press the nipple on one side of your rope.
Please book this service as well if you want us to press the nipple onto your wire or rope.

The price refers to 1 rope
When ordering, enter the amount of ropes you want the nipples to be crimped on.

When squeezing, the shapes of the nipples change as follows :

Longitudinal nipples / trumpet nipples are pressed as a hexagon.

Cross nipples are pressed on the front side via point pressure, the diameter increases slightly as a result of the pressing.


Mengenrabatt / Discount

Bulk PriceQuantity (from)Quantity (to)
9.47 14
8.95 59
7.52 1019
5.58 2049
4.15 5099
2.73 100249
2.46 250499
1.56 500

immediately available

Shipping Costs

delivery time: 2-5 working days

express delivery after consultation by phone


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