Operating Lever

Operating Lever


For maximum cable pull up to 150N. For round strand and round strand rope up to D = 1.5mm according to DIN71984, part 1 and part 2. Cable outer according to DIN71984, part 3. Rope attachment with screw, solder nipple with solder nipple holder. Connection D = 6.5mm

Materials: Housing, clamp and lever made of glass-fiber reinforced black plastic (KSZ).

Designation: 109.70 KSZ

Stroke: 12.5mm + – 1mm

Gear ratio (i): 1: 4.5

max. holding force: 150N

Lever length: 142mm + -1mm

Lever height: 100 + -2mm

Nipple-D = 8×12.5mm

Free rope length = 26mm + -1mm

Pawl catch after ..mm stroke self-triggering at 6.5mm, 10mm, 12mm

Pipe D = 22mm

with screw nipple

Download (construction drawing)

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