Soldering bath 330 degrees C (230 V)


Soldering bath 330 degrees C (230 V)

for soldering bowden cable nipples


Wire ropes galvanized: use soldering water

Wire ropes stainless steel: use soldering oil

Solder: SN 97 Ag 3 can be used for both types of wire rope.

How can I tell which rope I have?

– Galvanized wire ropes are strongly magnetic (optical silver with very light blue color)

– Stainless steel wire ropes are not or only slightly magnetic (visually shiny with a very slight yellow shimmer)

Gernerell applies:

Wire ropes must be completely free of grease and dirt. Especially when soldering used ropes, it can lead to difficulties.

In Edestahlseilen the soldering of used ropes is almost no longer. If then, in any case, clean well with dilution and compressed air.

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