Bowden cable connecting parts, for wire ropes and outers.

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Vacation 2020

We are on vacation from 30.07.2020 to 16.08.2020.

Orders from our Onlineshop as well as parts order by fax and mail are not being delivered from 03.08.2020 to 09.08.2020. All orders will be delivered after the 9th of August. It might however be that some parts have to be sent out after our vacation since our office and production are closed during that time.

Repairs and custom productions will be produced after the vacation.

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Our Magura supply program


Magura Power Sports complete catalogue
Here you will find the whole magura program. Our shop has all the handles powered by Bowden cables. Others, of course, we can procure them. Download


Magura Motorcycle complete catalogue
Here you will find the whole Magura program. Our shop has all the handles powered by Bowden cables. Of course, we can procure others for you. Download

Operating Lever

Connecting Parts for Wire Ropes

Connecting Parts for Bowden Cable Outers

Wire Ropes, Bowden Cable Outers, Spring Steel Wires

Raw Material Steel Brass Aluminium (Round and Six-Edge)

Semi-Finished Ropes


Suspension and fastening systems

Tools and Devices for Bowden Cable Production

Our Catalogue

cover_print_final Our complete catalogue in paper form (German). Very convenient to find the required items while working and to order online later.

Our pricelist for the catalogue. Here you can easily view the current prices with the item numbers from the catalog.


Catalog as Download
Our catalog as download. Free in PDF format (35MB).


Your online shop for Bowden cables!

We carry a wide range of individual parts for the production of Bowden cables. By clicking on the pictures in the categories, you will come to the respective article and list of parts.

Here in the online shop You can order items for your Bowden cable yourself and assemble your entire Bowden cable. Tips can be found here. We also have semi-finished wires where the pressing has already been carried out by us (E.g. threaded rods). You can also find handles, deflection rolls, etc., with us.