Putting Together Your Bowden Cable in the Shop Yourself

We carry a wide range of individual parts for the production of Bowden cables. By clicking on the pictures in the categories, you will come to the respective individual parts. Some Tips for Putting Together:

  • Always start with the rope thickness.
  • Then choose the matching Bowden outer.
    • 1 mm Rope = Outer/Sleeve 3.55 mm
    • 1.25 mm Rope = Outer/Sleeve 4 mm
    • 1.5 mm Rope = Outer/Sleeve 5 mm
    • 2.0 mm Rope = Outer/Sleeve 6 mm
    • 2.5mm Rope is Outer/Sleeve 7 mm
    • 3.0 mm Rope is Outer/Sleeve 8 mm
  • Then it is best to select the matching pressed end sleeves.
  • Then select the adjustment screws. Important: The drilling of the head must fit on the outer diameter of the final sleeve.
  • Then the connectors (solder nipples, screw nipples, rope clips, etc …)

We also have semi-finished ropes where the pressing has already been carried out by us (E.g. threaded rods). Also handles, deflection rollers and pulleys, etc., you can find with us. >> Let's Go!