Screw Nipples

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Need new Screw Nipples? The end of a Bowden cable is usually a sturdy solder or screw Nipple that sits at the end of the inner and is inserted into a matching eyelet. The nipple itself does not need to be further fastened, as it finds sufficient support only through its shape. The installed Bowden cable can therefore be replaced effortlessly. Convincing and reliable Since the nipple hangs comparatively loose and in many cases even rotating in the machine part to be moved, the Bowden cable inner does not bend during the pull. In this way, not only is wear and tear reduced, but energy efficiency also increases, as the whole force exerted on the Bowden cable is transferred into the mechanical element. How to attach a Screw nipple A screw nipple is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to attach nipples powerfully without having to resort to the solder iron. In fact, most household tool sets contain all the devices needed for assembly. Depending on the nipple you want, you only need one: ´slot-screwdriver six-edge screwdriver six-edge wrench. Contact ARC Reuter GmbH! We are your specialist supplier for all the components you need to build a durable and reliable Bowden cable. This includes the matching nipples with the desired fastening system. The advantage of a screw nipple is undoubtedly in its rapid installation as well as the possibility to remove it without damaging the wire rope. Preparation is everything with a spare parts contingent from our shop, you will react flexibly to all the challenges that a Bowden cable repair can pose. Order screw nipples in all desired sizes and shapes now!

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