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Although it has to withstand high mechanical loads, the Bowden cable is relatively sensitive to environmental influences. A robust Bowden cable, however, is needed not only to protect the wire rope(which is also known as the inner), but also to align its pulling forces correctly.

Bowden Cable Outer At The Serial Meter

If you are looking for new Bowden cable sleeves and outers, you can also rely on the wide range of products of ARC Reuter GmbH. You purchase the case as a meter commodity, so you don't have to order or pay a millimeter too much. Currently, you can find cases in the following colours in our shop:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey.

The Unit of Bowden Cable Outers and Inners

The colour of a Bowden cable outers only plays a role, of course, if it is visibly applied, for example when repairing a bicycle brake. Otherwise, of course, as is so often the Case here, the interior is more important. You can order outers and sleeves from us with or without an inner tube, and if necessary, the inner tube can also be reordered for the lining.

Watch Out for Damaged Places!

A densely encased is a durable and, above all, reliable Bowden cable inner: The less moisture or dust can penetrate the interior of the envelope, the lower the wear and tear. Always make sure that no cracks form in the Bowden cable outer. If in doubt, immediate exchanges are the safe decision.  

For info: The amount you enter in the shopping cart will be delivered as linear meters at a time. i. e. You enter 5 in the cart, then you get 5 meters at a Time (not 5 individual pieces of 1 meter)

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