Compression Spring Strand Diameter 8 x 1 x 150 mm

Compression Spring Strand Diameter 8 x 1 x 150 mm


Compression spring strand diameter 8 x 1 x 150 mm

Dimensions :

External : 8mm

Wire thickness: 1.0 mm

Overall length : 150mm

Space between turns : 2.6 mm

Did you know?

Springs are usually too long and have to be shortened or different lengths have to be tried to find the right spring length.

Shortening springs made easy, with compression springs there is always the problem that the ends of the springs are no longer closed when they are nipped off. To put this back on, heat the ends (about 2 turns) with a blowtorch until they glow red. Then dab the feather on a steel plate and the ends are put back on.  


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